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Norfolk, Aylsham District, Buxton, War Memorials, WW1

This memorial commemorates those who fought and died in Word War One (1914-18). The regimental notes are taken from a role of honour inside the Church. The memorial stands in the churchyard at Buxton.

Transcribed by: Geoff Lowe
Date Added: September 17, 2000

Surname, Forename Notes
ABBS, John Adied 1918, 10th Bn Lancs Regt
BARTON, Harrydied 1918, Labour Bn
BETTS, Cyrildied 1917
CHILD, Bertie Cdied 1918, 5th Bn Northumberland Fusiliers
CLARKE, Robertdied 1917, 1 Bn Nfk Regt
COOK, Albert Ldied 1917, Northants Regt
EARL, Albert Cdied 1917, 1/5 Nfk Regt
GOFFIN G H1 Bn Nfk Regt
GOODSON, Arthurdied 1917
KERRISON, George Wdied 1916, 1 Bn Middx Regt
LANE, Herbert Edied 1918, 8 Bn Nfk Regt
MATTHEWS, Mary Mdied 1919, Queen Mary's A A C
MATTHEWS, Recar Cdied 1917, 5 Bn Northumberland Fusliers
NORGATE, William Fdied 1917
SMITH, Benjamin Ddied 1916, Canadians
SMITH, Thomas Jdied 1917, 1/5 Nfk Regt
SWORD, Edward Fdied 1917, 17 Bn Royal Fusiliers
THIRTLE, Albert Hdied 1918, 1 Bn Herts Regt
TUCKER, Cyril Bdied 1915, 5th Bn Northumberland Fusliers
WODEHOUSE, Albert Edied 1916, 2/5 Bn Nfk Regt
WOODHOUSE, Horacedied 1918, 4th Bn East Yorks Regt

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