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Norfolk, Aylsham District, Aylsham, Parish Information, 1835

Document Reference: Admission of Maria JARVIS at Court Baron, other names mentioned

Transcribed by: Geoff Lowe
Date Added: July 23, 2002

The original document is written on one side of a single sheet of vellum, measuring 18 1/2" x 14 1/4".

Names mentioned are;
Robert ELVIN
Robert William PARMETER
Henry POLE
Deborah SOAME
Jonathan Hart ULPH

Aylsham Wood

Copy of the Admission of Maria the wife of Edward JARVIS at a Court held for the said Manor on the 2nd Day of April 1835.

At the General court Baron of Robert COPEMAN, Esquire, Lord of the said Manor held for the same the second day of April in the Year of our Lord one thousand eight Hundred and thirty five.

Before Robert William PARMETER, Gentleman, Steward there.

Whereas at the last General Court Baron held for this Manor the twentieth day of April one Thousand eight Hundred and thirty one it was presented by the Homage that Robert DODMAN then late a Copyhold Tenant of this Manor died after the then last General Court Baron held for this Manor and before that Court seized of and in certain Messuages Lands and Tenements holden of this Manor by Copy of Court Roll. And thereupon the first Proclamation was duly made for the Heirs of the said Robert DODMAN to come into Court and be admitted to the said Premises But no person came.

Now to this Court cometh personally Maria the wife of Edward JARVIS of Aylsham in the County of Norfolk, Shopkeeper; and produceth in Court an Extract of the last will and Testament of the said Robert DODMAN bearing the date the ninth Day of April one Thousand eight Hundred and thirty one, whereby it appears that he devised in these words,

"I give and bequeath" &c "to my daughter Maria JARVIS all the upper premises from the Deek at the back of the said Summer House on the North to the Deek next Elvin's Garding on the West leaving the Road for the use of the other cottages as is now is. It is my will the Ranters have the use of the Chapel with paying the yearly sum of Twenty Two Shillings yearly. If the Chapel is new roofed a rent not exceeding two Shillings yearly for Maria JARIVSes life after that their time expire the other premises are for her to do as she think proper independent of this or any future husband who she may marry, except injuring any part of the premises."

And thereupon the said Maria JARVIS humbly prayeth the favor of the Lord of this Manor to be admitted Tenant to the Messuages Lands and Tenements so devised to her aforesaid and holden of this manor by Copy of Court Roll (that is to say). To all that Messuage in Aylsham wherein the said Edward JARVIS and Virtue BOWERS now live with the stable and Outhouses adjoining and belonging thereto.

And also to all that Brewhouse in the occupation of Henry POLE. And Also to all that Building used as a Schoolroom in the occupation of (blank) RUST with the yards and Gardens to the said Messuage, Brewhouse and Schoolroom or any of them belonging situate lying and being between Land of Deborah SOAME on the North Part, Land and Buildings of Ann LOWN in Part and Land and Buildings of Ann SCOTTO in Part on the East part the King's Highway leading from Aylsham Market Place to North Walsham on the South Part and other buildings of the said Edward JARVIS in Part and Land and Buildings of Robert ELVIN and Sarah ELVIN in other part on the West Part.

Which Premises by an obselete description the said Robert DODMAN had and took up to him and his Heirs on the Surrender of Jonathan Hart ULPH and Elizabeth his wife at a General Court Baron held for this Manor the twelfth Day of May one Thousand seven Hundred and Eighty Eight (As by the Rolls thereof may appear). And the said Maria JARVIS is admitted Tenant to the said Premises accordingly.

To whom the Lord of this Manor by the hands of his said Steward doth deliver Seizin thereof by the rod. To hold to her the said Maria JARVIS according to the form and effect of the said will of the said Robert DODMAN, of the Lord of this Manor at his Will according to the Custom of this Manor by the Rents and Services therefore due and of the Right accustomed Saving every one's right and she prays to the Lord for a Fine and so forth And her fealty is respited.

Examined R W PARMETER Steward

© Copyright 2001-2017, Andrew Rivett, Geoff Lowe