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Norfolk, South Erpingham Hundred, Blickling, Baptisms (Parish Register), 1599

The original register is stored in the NRO from whom copies on fiche may be purchased. The registers may also be seen on microfilm at Mormon Church (LDS) centres.

Transcribed by: HJPoll
Date Added: February 16, 2002
Previous Year: 1598
Next Year: 1600

Surname, ForenameParents No. Notes
WHYTE, ClementThomas

HOWSE, JaneFrisweed

reputed father Robt WHATTAS?
CALLOWE, Cuthbert?Thomas

FULLER, BridgettJohn

RUSSELL, RichardRichard

BRIDGGS, ThomasRoger


SPRINGALD?, Elizabeth?Thomas

SMYTH, RichardRichard

SARES, JohnnRobt

WILLSONNE?, ElizabethRebecca

Patre Icgneto (Father unknown)
PLUMER, ElizabethRobte

alias COOPER
als COOPER was baptised the ix daie of December")

PARKE, RobteThomas

COOKE, MaryRobte

ROWELANDE, AgnesAnthonne?

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