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Norfolk, Aylsham District, Stoke Holy Cross, Subsidy Taxes, 1522

Document Reference: E101/61/16

The original document is in the custody of the Public Record Office. This 1522 record is a valuation that led to the subsidy of 1524. It records the wealth of individuals in land, goods and cattle and other sources of income. The poor are usually simply recorded as 'nihil' (nothing). It is not a record of tax paid. A muster was called at the same time which is recorded separately in this archive (see under musters). The original 98 page document is in exceptionally good condition and lists the poor in each parish. Monetary abbreviations used: Pd=Pound, s=shilling, d-pence, Mk=Mark. A Mark was two-thirds of a pound (13s 4d)

Transcribed by: Geoff Lowe
Date Added: July 25, 2000

Surname, ForenameAssessmentTax Paid Notes
BARLOW, Sir Thomas

MARNEY, Sir henry

FUCHE, Sir thomasStipend 10 Mk, Goods + Cattle 5 Pd

KEW, Sir Robt

Lord of the Manor
MARSHAM, ThomasLand 20s, Goods + Cattle 20 Pd

SKOTTOW, JohnLand 20s, Goods + Cattle 35 Pd

ALEN, JohnLand 10s, Goods + Cattle 10 Mk

JAYE, JohnLand 10s, Goods + Cattle 4 Pd

CRESY, PeterGoods + Cattle 40s

MULTYNG, RobtMovables 4 Pd

HENRY, WillamGoods 60s

DAVEY, JohnGoods + Cattle 40s

BOTTE, JohnGoods + Cattle 20s

MULTING, WillamLand 5s, Goods + Cattle 60s

NOBBYS, JohnGoods + Cattle 40s

KECHYN, JohnGoods + Cattle 30s

PURDY, WillamGoods + Cattle 20s

SKOTTOW, WillamGoods + Cattle 40s

CUTTING, RobtGoods + Cattle 5 Mk

SKOTTOW, JohnGoods + Cattle 20s

COOK, SimonGoods + Cattle 40s

HARTSTOWN, NicolasGoods + Cattle 4 Mk

MOTTE, AdamGoods + Cattle 20s

CLEMENTE, RobtGoods + Cattle 20s

FELTHORP, JohnGoods + Cattle 20s

GARRARD, ThomasGoods + Cattle 40s

SERLES, GeorgeGoods + Cattle 33s 4d

TYLER, JohnGoods + Cattle 4 Pd

BARKER, Henry"nihil in bovis" (nothing in cattle)

KECHAM, John"nihil in bovis" (nothing in cattle)

WEDERBY, Andrew"nihil in bovis" (nothing in cattle)

LOVE, Henry"nihil in bovis" (nothing in cattle)

DEBDAM, Roger"nihil in bovis" (nothing in cattle)

FERDLE, Robt"nihil in bovis" (nothing in cattle)

CLERE, John"nihil in bovis" (nothing in cattle)

TYLAR, Thomas"nihil in bovis" (nothing in cattle)

MORE, Richard"nihil in bovis" (nothing in cattle)

MYGHELL, Robt"nihil in bovis" (nothing in cattle)

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