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Norfolk, Aylsham District, Aylsham, Baptisms (Parish Register), 1750

Aylsham Parish Registers are in the custody of Norfolk Record Office, and may be purchased on fiche from that office. The registers may also be seen at Mormon Church (LDS) Centres. A partial transcript is at the NFHS library. The 19th century registers are written in standard pre-formatted books and on the whole in good condition.

Transcribed by: Geoff Lowe
Date Added: April 17, 2001
Previous Year: 1749
Next Year: 1751

Surname, ForenameParents No. Notes
SCOTTOW, JonathanDavid + Susanna

WILLEY, DianaSamuel + Amey

SPURRELL, RichardThomas + Frances

SOAMS, HenryHenry + Mary

BRAY, JohnJames + Catherine

MANN, TomasThomas + Elizabeth

WEBSTER, SarahNathaniel + Jane

PALMER, ThomasJohn + Ann

DEY, ElizabethJames + Martha

SILENCE, JeremiahJames + Elizabeth

STEWARD, MaryThomas + Mary

IVES, JonathanJohn + Mary

PINCHEN, AnnEdward + Martha

COX, RachaelGeorge + Tryphena

ROLFE, EdwardRobert + Ann

GOLD, WilliamArthur + Mary

AUSTINS, SusannaWill + Susanna

BULLWER, Elizabeth GraceThomas + Elizabeth

CALLING, ThomasJames + Elizabeth

HERRING, JohnThomas + Hannah

FOX?, FrancesFrances + Mary

name poss JEX?
THURST, JamesThomas + Ann

WEBSTER, SusanShem + Ann

HOWS, ThomasEdward + Frances

WEBBER, MarySamuel + Esther

SMITH, JohnJohn + Ann

BARNES, FrancesHenry + Ursula

AMIES, MaryJames + Hannah

SARNDERS, ElizabethWilliam + Sarah

NICHOLS, JohnJohn + Mary

CLARKE, ThomasThomas + Margaret

RICE, ElizabethThomas + Margaret

CASTON, MaryWilliam + Mary

GENT, GeorgeJohn + Elizabeth

WILLEY, BarbaraSamuel? + Amey

COBURN, Susansamuel + Elizabeth

CARTER, AnnWilliam + Ann

CLARKE, HenryJohn + Mary

THOMPSON, PhibyCha..? + Kezia

LYING?, Adam?Robert + Mary

© Copyright 2001-2017, Andrew Rivett, Geoff Lowe