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Norfolk, Aylsham District, Blickling, Musters, 1522

Document Reference: E101/61/16

Taken from a well preserved 98 page document in the custody of the Public Record Office, London. The muster was called as an excuse to assess the value of individual holdings, with a view to later levying a tax, which occurred in 1524. Details of the valuation have also been transcribed separately.

Transcribed by: Geoff Lowe
Date Added: July 03, 2000

Surname, ForenameWeapon No. Notes
EMONDES, RichardArcher

COLLES, ThomasArcher

JELLE, JohnArcher

HERRYSON, WillamArcher

LUTMAN, WillamBillman

MENDHAM, RobtBillman

SMYTH, WillamBillman

COOKE, ThomasBillman

ANETTES, JohnBillman

KETWOD, WillamBillman

APPILYARD, RogerBillman

JOHNSON, ThomasBillman

ROGER, EdwardBillman

ALEN, RichardBillman

CANON, ThomasBillman

HARBERD, ThomasBillman

COMER, JohnBillman

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